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Kju by Selux

Kju Circle and Square inte­grate freely into any archi­tec­tural style, offer­ing var­i­ous mount­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties and pat­tern arrange­ments for illu­mi­nat­ing any room. It is per­fect for your office, con­fer­ence room, wait­ing areas, retail shops, hall­ways, and stair­cases. Circle or Square, Kju con­veys char­ac­ter in any set­ting. Arrange both together in var­i­ous light­ing schemes or sep­a­rately in dif­fer­ent areas of your project — the cre­ativ­ity is lim­it­less as the two lumi­naires will blend har­mo­niously together.

Glowball Pendant by OCL

GLOWBALL™ is a decorative sphere of light that can be used as a stand-alone pendant to punctuate an area, or in multiples to create large scale installations. OCL’s revolutionary silicone diffuser is what makes GLOWBALL™ unique.  Produced using a cutting-edge molding process, the diffuser creates a distinct inner glow surrounded by an ambient “ghosted” outer surface.  The diffuser’s silicone properties make it extremely durable and resistant to scratching and cracking.  It’s nearly indestructible.    It won’t be damaged like glass or acrylic could be. It’s also flexible, so the diffuser will retain its shape if flexed or bent, making it easy to install and remove for maintenance.

Ligeo Lighting System

The LIGEO™ SL is the perfect choice for an office, hospitality, residential, retail, healthcare and education applications. Design with infinite creativity and endless possibilities. Choose from five standard kelvin temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K. Our standard finishes are available in: white, black, silver and gold.

Eon Bollard by Lumeire

The Lumiere Eon LED 303-B1 Bollard Series of luminaires provides architectural styling with super bright, energy efficient LEDs. The compact, low profile, machined and extruded aluminum construction, with a sealed optical compartment and stainless steel hardware make the EON 303-B1 impervious to contaminants. The LED bollard provides full cut off downlight via a fixed head and is available in 8.5W and 15.5W. The Eon B1 series bollard luminaire is ideal for pathway or general ground mount illumination where greater lateral or forward throw illumination is needed. Photo cell control and receptacle options are available. The luminaire may be used indoors or outdoors and carries and IP66 rating

Palco InOut by iGuzzini

Palco InOut is designed to work in any setting. It can be mounted on floors, walls, ceilings and in the ground. It is designed to combine sturdiness, versatility and functionality in one professional floodlight for outdoor architectural lighting. 

T-Bar LED by JLC Tech

T-BAR LED with diffusing lens for direct lighting is equipped with a 95%-clear micro prismatic lens for controlled distribution: A clever choice for illuminating spaces with a lighting fixture that blends with the architectural design of your ceiling, simultaneously creating an elegantly stunning light effect. Perfect for corporate offices, medical/health, educational facilities and more.

Night Falcon, Tracer and CLCSLED by Lumark


Reliability. Safety. Performance. Lumark offers high quality outdoor lighting that provides market-leading ease of installation, superior area safety, and maximum energy savings in commercial and industrial spaces.

The Night Falcon™ LED floodlight luminaire combines high-efficiency optics, superior thermal management and energy efficiency in a cost effective solution. Typical applications include area lighting for security, building facade lighting, accent and signage lighting in both commercial and industrial applications. 

The Tracer LED floodlight luminaire delivers superior uniformity and excellent illumination to the targeted application. Great for applications such as landscape, accent, facade, or sign lighting

The CLCSLED canopy luminaire provides a slim, low-profile, traditional design with high performance energy efficient illumination. The CLCSLED  mounts quickly to a variety of surfaces making it ideal for bank and retail drive-thrus, covered side walks and hospitality entryways

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