New Ligman High Power LED

Ligman Lighting USA has now launched the new HP range of water proof LED products.

We believe that these new products will give you and advantage in the market place not only with excellent performance but also being well priced.

To view this catalogue please go to the following link.

These LED Products incorporate a range of Modular LED boards that are designed around precision optics providing a selection of beam distributions.

Narrow Beam 12 Deg
Medium Beam 25Deg
Wide Beam 40 Deg

These fixtures are available in 3000K and 4000K
Depending on the size and requirement of the Fixture we offer the following wattages.

12W 700Lm
20W 1300Lm
30W 2000Lm
40W 2700Lm
50W 3775 Lm

Unlike some of our competitors that show LED lumen output and not fixture output,
All Lumens published in the Ligman HP catalogue and cut sheets are actual fixture lumens (LM79 test results – ies files are on line)

This is important information when doing lighting designs and calculations.

To access cut sheets.Please see following link.